Telephone Cables


Internal Telephone Cables
*VBV  ---- VBV-K
*HBH ----HBH-K
*PDV ---- PDV-K


Externa Telephone cables


INTERNAL TELEPHONE CABLES  These indoor telephone cables are used in subscriber and switchboard system.,

EXTERNAL TELEPHONE CABLES Telephone cable for Voice Frequency transmission and digital systems,local networks for post offices and industrial areas,cables are suitable for direct burial and direct installation in ducts.

Technical and Electrical Data
Operating Voltage       = 250 V
Test Voltage                   =
1000 V
Conductor Resistance=
<97.8 Ω/Km
Mutual Capacitance    =
<120 nF / km
 Insulation Resistance =
>500 M.Ω x km
Temperature Range     =
-30°C... +70°C


Cable Construction

conductor   = Solid or Strandered copper

Insulation    = PVC

Lay-up           = Cables up to (included) 10

                             pairs  laid up in layers.

Seperator    = Polyester Tape

Sheath          = PVC

Drain Wire   = Ø 0.50 mm Copper

Cable Construction

Conductor       = Electrolytic Annealed  Copper

Insulation       =​    POLYETHYLENE
Lay-up             =     Bunched in groups
   Separator       = Polyester Tape
Sheath             =   POLYETHYLENE
Outer Sheath =   POLYETHYLENE 


Not= The given values ​is sample value for VBV and KPDF-PAP cable. For more information, please contact our company.

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