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Data Transmission Cable








Technical and Electrical Data
Rated Voltage                           =  250/750 V

Insulation Resistance (Min)= 200 MΩ.km
 Enductance/ Empedance    =  0,65 Mh/km
Temperature Range                =  -30 °С​... + 70


Cable Construction

Conductor  =Flexible copper wires, plain
Insulatıon  =
Lay-up         =
Cores laid up in layers

                          of  optimum pitch
Outer sheath =


These non-screened flexible control and interconnecting cables are used in instrumentation and control engineering where low current consumptions are required, e.g. in industrial electronics, computers, information and transmission systems, office machines and precision machines. Additionally these cables are suitable for applications in electronic equipment with plug in systems where control cables are needed in the smallest dimensions. These cables are not intended for outdoor or underground installation.

Note =  The given values ​is sample value for LIYY cable. For more information, please contact our company.

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