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Control Cables







These flexible and reduced diameter cables are used in mechanical engineering for instrumentation and control equipment for tooling machinery production lines and flexible applications for free movement without tensile load. These cables are not used for outdoor or underground installation.

Technical and Electrical Characteristic

Rated Voltage                  = 300/300 V
Test Voltage                      =
2000 V
Insulation Resistance   =
20MΩ / km
Capacitance                      =
56 nF / km
Temperature Range        =


Cable Construction

Conductor        =Flexible copper wires
Insulation        =
Lay-up              =
Cores laid up in layers                                                        of  optimum pitch
Separator       =
Polyester tape
Screenshot    =
86% coverage, tinned

                             copper wire braid
Outer sheath= 

Note= The given values ​is sample value for NLSCY cable. For more information, please contact our company.

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