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H05VVH6-F, H07VVH6-F

300/500 V PVC Insulated , PVC Sheated,flexible Multi Core Flat Cables


Used as control cables in lifts, elevators and conveyor systems

Cable Construction 
Code                  = H05VVH6-F
Conductor        = Annealed electrolytic      

                                flexible copper conductor

Insulatıon        = PVC
Outer sheath  = PVC

Technical and Electrical Characteristic

Rated Voltage      = 300/500 V for 0,75 mm
                                      450/750 V for 1 mm
Test Voltage(AC) = 300/500 V 1500 V
                                       450/750 V 2500 V
Max Operating Temperature  = 70 °С
Short Circuit Temperature       = 160 °С

Note: Quality certificate which located below are not belong to this product. Please contact for detailed information

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